Pulmonary Testing in Darien, CT

Pulmonary Testing in Darien, CT

Get Advanced Pulmonary Testing for Enhanced Lung Assessment

Lung issues are serious. Without the ability to breathe easily, even the simplest physical tasks become difficult. Advanced Allergy Immunology and Asthma in Darien, CT, offers forward-thinking solutions through our state-of-the-art pulmonary testing and medical insights. Dr. Denis Bouboulis offers over 20 years of experience and expertise as a nationally and internationally recognized practitioner in the field. Our practice has helped thousands of patients overcome a broad range of lung and breathing issues through our superior pulmonary testing methods and the subsequent care we provide from those results. We invite you to contact us to schedule your next consultation and discover a more advanced class of medical assessment to improve your capabilities and overall quality of life.



What is Pulmonary Testing?

Pulmonary testing, also known as Pulmonary Function Tests (PFTs), is a non-invasive assessment of your lung function. These tests measure essential factors such as gas exchange, flow rates, capacity, lung volume, and more. By conducting these tests, our specialists can gain a unique understanding of your condition, diagnose any underlying issues, and create a customized care plan for you to improve and optimize your lung function over time.


Causes of Diminished Lung Function

Generally, there are two main types of lung disorders, which cause problems with airflow in your lungs:

  • Obstructive: This is when air cannot flow out of your lungs easily due to airway resistance. This decreased airflow can cause breathing trouble, even when at rest.
  • Restrictive: When the lung tissue or chest muscles cannot expand far enough for easy breathing, you have a restrictive condition. You may experience airflow issues due to lower lung volumes.


Pulmonary Testing Methods

There are two main pulmonary testing methods that can help alleviate issues. These two methods may be used in tandem to perform different forms of testing. This will depend on the specific information we are looking for when diagnosing your condition. The two main methods are:

  • Spirometry: Spirometers are devices designed with a mouthpiece attached to a small electronic machine. As our patient, you will breathe into this mouthpiece and give us a clear understanding of your lung capacity and function.
  • Plethysmography: You undergo Plethysmography testing in an airtight box and breathe into a mouthpiece. Our doctors measure the booth’s pressure level to determine the volume of gas in your lungs or your lung volume.


Pulmonary Testing Results

Through our advanced pulmonary testing, our practice can measure various factors that contribute to your lung function. Typical values will vary from patient to patient; however, results are measured against other patients of the same age, sex, height, and race. Your results are also compared to any previous testing you have undergone in the past. If there are any significant changes or differences, you may need additional testing. The factors we test for include:

  • Tidal Volume
  • Minute Volume
  • Forced Expiratory Flow
  • Peak Expiratory Flow Rate
  • Vital Capacity
  • Forced Expiratory Volume
  • Functional Residual Capacity
  • Residual Volume
  • Total Lung Capacity
  • Forced Vital Capacity


Why Do I Need Pulmonary Testing?

Pulmonary testing is instrumental in determining the condition of your lungs and how they are working. If you have an existing lung condition, our doctors can conduct additional tests to see if the condition is progressing or how it is responding to treatment. Pulmonary testing is part of routine physicals for healthy patients. Patients also undergo pulmonary testing if they work in a specific environment (such as factories and mines) to ensure health. Mainly, pulmonary testing is done to diagnose health conditions such as:

  • Asthma
  • Allergies
  • Chronic Bronchitis
  • Respiratory Infections
  • Lung Fibrosis
  • Bronchiectasis
  • COPD
  • Asbestosis
  • Sarcoidosis
  • Scleroderma
  • Pulmonary Tumor
  • Lung Cancer
  • Weaknesses of The Chest Wall Muscles
  • And more


Pulmone Minibox Pulmonary Testing

Many practices simply screen their patients for lung conditions with basic spirometry testing. While this type of testing is beneficial, it does not provide a complete picture of your lung function. Our PulmOne MiniBox Complete Pulmonary Testing lets our specialists ascertain the broadest overview of your complete lung function, Spirometry, Total Lung Capacity (TLC) and Residual Volume (RV), single breath CO Diffusion (DLCO), and more. Traditionally, you would have to go to a hospital laboratory, and undergo advanced pulmonary plethysmography, to get these results. Advanced Allergy Immunology and Asthma uses different methods. Through our PulmOne testing, we use a gasless, cabinless system for optimal results and patient comfort. It is not only the most user-friendly system there is, but it also provides equal or better testing results overall. The PulmOne system provides testing that is easily repeatable for patient monitoring can diagnose a host of modern lung conditions, and is not nearly as susceptible to user error as past testing equipment.  Contact us today to learn more and to schedule your next pulmonary testing session.


Why Choose Advanced Allergy Immunology and Asthma?

Advanced Allergy Immunology and Asthma is your premier local partner for improving your pulmonary health. Dr. Denis Bouboulis and our clinical staff have decades of combined experience in the pulmonary field, and our practice offers the most advanced, effective testing methods you will find anywhere. Working closely with you, we will provide a complete diagnosis, using fast and easy testing, then develop an optimal continuum of care that best suits your medical needs, budget, and lifestyle. Contact us today to learn more about everything we can offer and schedule your next appointment.


Contact Advanced Allergy Immunology and Asthma for Testing

In these uncertain times of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is important to know your lungs’ full function and understand any underlying conditions you may be experiencing. Advanced Allergy Immunology and Asthma can give you those insights using our invaluable expertise and our PulmOne system. We invite you to contact us today to schedule your testing and let us help you breathe easy for life.